Welcome to our website. This website aims to provide insight into our school and the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme, which is the curriculum we use, We will show you how it works, how it differs from mainstream education, and how it offers a better alternative for many children.

Phoenix Academy is an Independent Christian School based in Edmonton, North London. Established in 1974, it was first known as New Court Christian School and was situated in Finsbury Park.

We want to offer parents a choice where children learn at their own pace in an ideal class size with a customised curriculum. Phoenix Academy believes it is important to take into account the individual nature of every child.

We believe children need to build their lives upon a strong foundation; parents should have
choice about where that takes place and be a part of the growth that will occur in their child as he or she progresses throughout our school.

The education we provide starts at reception age, continuing right through to school leaving age. Most of the students that leave go on to further education and university with the qualifications they obtain at Phoenix Academy.

We teach from a Bible-based education program called Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.); this aims to give students an understanding of God, the character traits of His Son Jesus and how to be more like Him, as well as providing students with a thorough education in all core and extracurricular subjects.

Bible study and prayer are central to school life. We believe the moral foundation of the Bible teaches children to love and care for each other, to understand right from wrong, and gives them an appreciation for themselves, others, and the world. We hope to install this into the children who come to our school as we believe it will make them better citizens in society when they leave.

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